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Symmetrii is a registered NDIS Plan Manager and Business Advisor, dedicated to helping you get the maximum benefits from your NDIS Plan. Knowing how busy you are, our expert team provides real time cloud accounting with 100% transparency. Your bills get paid faster, you worry less, and have more time to enjoy life.


You have the ultimate choice and control over how you spend your NDIS funds, while we provide financial and administrative support.

This includes paying your invoices, submitting claims to the NDIS portal, performing bookkeeping and audits, to save you time and stress.


Registered NDIS provider
Responsive personal service
Provider connections
Budget health checks
Goal tracking and statements
Support information and resources
Specialist advice


As your nominated NDIS plan manager, Symmetrii will take responsibility for paying your providers and submitting claims to the NDIS portal.

Simply choose one of these options:

Email your authorised invoice/s to us.

Mail your signed invoice/s to PO box.

Set up a standing authorisation for
the service providers of your choice.

Symmetrii - NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney

Navigating the complexities of the NDIS is far less daunting with the right support system in place. That’s why you need a team of skilled NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney who can help you get the most out of your funding.
Your Plan Managers are your trusted partners, ensuring that your service providers are paid on time, leaving you to focus on your health and well-being without worrying about bills and bookkeeping. They also offer valuable insights into your NDIS funding and can help you learn more about the NDIS system and how to manage your funds independently, if that’s one of your goals. They clarify different funding categories, offer guidance on the claims process, and explain the NDIS Price Guide in layman’s terms. This expertise ensures you’re equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to maximise the benefits of your NDIS funding.
Their role isn’t just about managing your finances, however, because Plan Managers help you on your quest for achieving enhanced health and quality of life. With their extensive network of providers, Plan Managers help you identify the service providers who align closely with your unique needs and objectives, helping you develop a team of providers tailored to your exact requirements.

NDIS Plan Management With Symmetrii

As a leading NDIS Plan Management provider in Sydney, Symmetrii offers personalised, comprehensive services to maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan. Our expert team, including specialised BAS agents, ensures your funding is managed precisely, enabling you to achieve the best outcomes for your health and well-being.
In addition to being a nationally accredited NDIS Plan Management provider, we focus on empowering you to exercise choice and control over your NDIS funds. Our approach is customised to your needs and goals, whether you want a deeper understanding of your fund’s management or prefer to concentrate on assembling a team of service providers while we manage the financials. We adapt our services to suit your requirements.
Your Symmetrii Plan Managers take a proactive role in ensuring that each dollar from your NDIS funding yields the greatest possible impact on your quality of life. When you entrust your budgeting and financial plan management to Symmetrii, you’re not just delegating tasks; you’re gaining a committed partner in your journey towards better health and overall well-being. Trust us to guide you, advise you, and, more importantly, enable you to make choices that serve your best interests.

The Symmetrii Difference – What Sets Our Services Apart

Symmetrii distinguishes itself as one of the leading NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney, offering expert assistance in three key areas: meticulous financial oversight, astute advice, and flexibility in selecting your service providers.

Financial Oversight: At Symmetrii, our seasoned BAS agents manage the financial aspects of your NDIS funding while keeping you updated regularly. We guarantee that all provider invoices are paid within two working days and maintain transparent records in case of external audits. We also issue regular statements, so you always know what’s happening with your funds.

Help and Guidance: If you have any questions about your NDIS funds or want to learn how to self-manage your funding, NDIS Plan Managers are ready to help. Your dedicated Symmetrii Fund Manager is your go-to resource for all financial questions, assisting you to make informed choices that optimise your well-being.

Provider Flexibility: One of the benefits of partnering with a preferred provider of NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney is our ability to guide you towards a broad spectrum of service providers, both registered and non-registered with NDIS. Unlike restrictive Agency-Managed Plans or the daunting task of Self-Managed Plans, we offer a balanced approach, allowing you to explore various service options that best suit your needs.

Why Choose Symmetrii Plan Managers?

At the core of our services is a commitment to your individuality and personal aspirations. We’re not just Plan Managers and financial experts; we’re partners in empowering you to unlock your fullest potential. We not only help you squeeze every drop of value out of your funding, but we also provide you with a learning environment if you want to understand more about managing your NDIS funding.
As NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney, our relationship-driven approach sets us apart because you’re not just another case file at Symmetrii; you’re a valued individual with unique needs and ambitions. Our blend of professional expertise and personalised care makes Symmetrii the preferred choice for NDIS participants in Sydney.

Ready To Make Symmetrii Your NDIS Plan Manager?

At Symmetrii, we’re happy to help you achieve your life goals. Whether you need more information or are ready to make Symmetrii your NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney, contact us, and we’ll be happy to chat.

What is an NDIS Plan Manager?

The Plan Manager allocated by your NDIS provider becomes your dedicated ally. They help manage your NDIS funds, coordinate services, and provide guidance. They simplify the process for you, ensuring your plan operates smoothly and allowing you to focus on achieving your goals and meeting your unique needs.

Benefits of an NDIS Plan Manager

There are many benefits of having a dedicated Plan Manager but one of the biggest is that you aren’t restricted to using only NDIS-registered service providers. Depending on your needs, there may not be an NDIS-registered service provider in your area. With a Plan Manager, you have a lot more freedom and can choose non-NDIS registered providers, as long as they have an ABN.

Is Symmetrii a NDIS Plan Manager?

Symmetrii is an NDIS registered Plan Manager provider. NDIS Registration ID: 4-G3M2EV3.
Symmetrii is dedicated to simplifying your NDIS experience and maximising your fund's value. We pay all invoices and provide clear communication, efficient funding management, and instant visibility of your spending and funding allocations. Symmetrii alleviates your worries and helps you get the most out of your plan.

Will an NDIS Plan Manager set up my plan?

No. Plan Managers don’t get involved with setting up your plan or reviewing your support. They pay providers for services you’ve received and help manage your NDIS funds.

What happens once I’ve contacted an NDIS Plan Manager?

Together, you’ll create a service agreement. This document covers the services the Plan Manager provides, how these services will be provided and how long they will be your Plan Manager.

What does Plan Management mean?

Plan Management refers to the support provided by your NDIS provider in managing the funding within your NDIS plan. These skilled professionals, commonly referred to as Plan Managers, specialise in overseeing your NDIS funding, ensuring efficient allocation and utilisation of resources to meet your NDIS goals and requirements.

Is Plan Management my only option?

There are two other options: the NDIA can manage your plan's finances directly or you can manage them yourself. With Plan management, however, dedicated professionals take charge of optimising your funding allocation for the best possible outcomes.

Advantages of Plan Management vs self-management

With self-management, you’re responsible for all the funding in your plan, including timely bill payments and correct allocation to different services. On the other hand, a Plan Manager, handles all your fund’s financial matters, ensuring bills are paid on time and suitably allocated. They also keep an eye on your budget, identifying potential overspending, and underspending and offering guidance.

Is everyone eligible for Plan Management?

If your NDIS plan has “Improved Life Choices”, you're eligible for Plan Management. Otherwise, you can still access it under “Improved Financial Management” for financial support by a Plan Manager.

Will my Plan Manager tell me if my NDIS funds are low?

Yes. You’ll receive regular financial reports from your Plan Manager but if they notice that you’re spending too much or too little on your services, your Plan Manager will inform you quickly, even if a report isn’t due.
How do I set up Plan Management?
At your initial planning meeting, simply ask for an NDIS Plan Manager. The NDIS will then add additional funds to your plan to pay for your Plan Manager. If you already have an NDIS plan and want to change to Plan Management, call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 to make this arrangement.

Do I need to pay an NDIS Plan Manager?

There will be no extra cost to you. You will set up your plan with your local area coordinator (LAC) and they will discuss whether parts of the fund will be Agency Managed, Plan Managed or Self Managed. If you have any components to be Plan Managed, your funding package will contain a budget for plan management fees and will be itemised on the plan. In other words, you will have a provision in your funding to pay a Plan Manager.

Can I change my Plan Manager?

Yes. Just inform your current Plan Manager that you want to change to another company and they will help you achieve this goal. Any late or unpaid bills will be paid by your new Plan Manager.

Who sets up my NDIS plan?

The NDIA sets up your NDIS fund, assesses eligibility, determines funding, and creates your plan. They oversee fund administration to meet your needs.

For more information please read our blog on how to change your NDIS plan manager.

How does NDIS funding work?

NDIS funding works through three different categories:

Core Supports: This category covers everyday activities and support needs, such as assistance with personal care, transport, and community participation.
Capital Supports: This category provides funding for long-term investments, including assistive technology, home modifications, and specialised equipment.
Capacity Building Supports: This category focuses on enhancing skills, independence, and overall well-being through services like therapy, training, and support coordination.

You’ll undergo an assessment to determine your needs, and a funding plan is created based on these categories, enabling you to access the necessary support and services.

What if I run out of NDIS funds to pay my service providers?

With a professional Plan Manager, you won’t run out of funds. Under the Provider Payment Assurance Program, Plan Managers must keep full accounts of all services delivered. If any of your funds have been fraudulently spent, however, the Plan Manager may be liable to repay this money.

Can I pay providers more than the maximum rates?

Yes, you can pay your providers more than the NDIS price guide limits, but you’ll need to cover the additional costs yourself. Your Plan Manager will not pay more than the prices outlined in the NDIS price guide.

Now I have the funding, how do I find an NDIS Plan Manager?

You can contact Symmetrii on 02 4339 7870 to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your NDIS funding.

Do NDIS service providers need an ABN?

Generally, yes, NDIS service providers need an ABN. However, if they don’t have an ABN, and you have paid for the service yourself, your Plan Manager can reimburse you for this payment.

What does a support coordinator do?

Support coordinators connect you to providers and services, while also supporting skill development and helping you navigate your desired direction. They provide comprehensive assistance to achieve your goals. Read our blog on NDIS Plan Manager vs Support Coordinator for more inforamtion.

What does an NDIS partner in the community do?

An NDIS partner in the community offers crucial support to NDIS participants. They assist with access, plan development, plan management, support coordination, service provision, and advocacy. They work closely with you to navigate the NDIS system, connect with services, and achieve your goals.

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